Guide to the Valle del Treja Regional Park

  • Anno: 2018
  • Pagine: 106

A new Park guidebook, renewed in terms of contents and graphic design, easy to read and in pocket format. The guide describes the history and the environmental characteristics, examines the geological and archaeological aspects, the morphological features of the land, strongly shaped by water. There are also stories, legends and curiosities. The protagonists are the river and the gorges, dug into the tender tuff; animals are often hardly visible, yet numerous; wavy plateaus and dense woods.

The history of the Valle del Treja is inextricably linked to the Faliscan people, contemporary of the Etruscan one, but well-distinct. The Park has also created a specific archaeological guide, tracing the history of the Faliscans, starting from the oldest settlements, to tombs, temples, underlining the correlations with the surrounding area.

The pathways map is also available with the Park guidebook. A clear and easy tool providing the necessary information for all types of excursions. The map contains a network of several tens of kilometres crossing all the land, proposing different kinds of itineraries, from easy walks to more challenging hikes. All guests can enjoy this charming and beautiful setting, discover new views and landscapes.

All these features contribute to create our ambition to share and make people fall in love with such places. The passage from knowledge to a sense of belonging, of identity, and, as a consequence, of protection is the objective we wish to encourage.

Director of the Valle del Treja Regional Park

Gianni Guaita

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