The ancient Faliscans in the Treja River Valley

  • Anno: 2018
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  • Autore: Marco Pacifici

The Faliscan people resided in Treja river valley nearly three thousand years ago. Their civilization was advanced and quite important, even though it was relatively unknown. This guide wants to eliminate a lack of information in our textbooks and to investigate on, in Valle del Treja, who our ancestors were.

The discoveries in the past centuries can be added to the most recent ones in order to provide a breathtaking, beautiful outline. An example could be the three hundred votive masks archaeologists have found in 2014, after a few works financed and implemented by the Park.

The mystery surrounding this people and their land is being overcome by this guide, that wants to “tell” the story, rites and deeds of a people that has left its indelible prints not only in Treja valley.

Here it is possible to visit the ruins of the temples, graves and archaeological areas. The area of the gorges, the narrow valleys carved by water that flows on its bottom, with its imposing tuff cliffs, was the place of settlement for the Faliscan people thanks to its defensibility.

With a little pride we could say we come from the Faliscans. And even if it is not quite so, we tend to say it anyway, we embrace the myth of their courage and fertile intelligence. Investigating on this people we find another key to interpret and know this land: the one of archaeology, which is strictly linked to the environmental aspects that still characterize these valleys today

Director of the Valle del Treja Regional Park

Gianni Guaita

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